Accredited NDIS services in the Riverina

As registered NDIS providers servicing the entire Riverina region, we’ll work with you to provide specialist occupational therapy and rehabilitation support.

Our aim is to help you achieve your personal health and wellbeing goals. 

Whether you’re an NDIS recipient, a carer or a support worker, we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our specialist NDIS services.


Our NDIS approved services.

We help NDIS participants access a range of beneficial services, including:

Choosing us as your NDIS provider.

When you choose ARMS, you’re choosing a reliable and trusted local supplier, with more than two decades of experience in the Riverina region.

We take the time to truly understand the needs of every individual we work with, and to tailor our programs and services to be of maximum benefit.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

PGAP is an evidence-based approach to reducing or preventing the severity of disability, health conditions or injuries. It aims to reduce psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation, and our team supports clients to achieve their goals through targeted treatment, goal-setting and problem solving.

Task analysis

Our Occupational Therapists are available to undertake a detailed examination of the skills and physical demands for a particular task or duty at work.

Ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic assessments are important in both office settings and industrial environments. Any place where a worker is conducting repetitive tasks for long periods of time can lead to a risk of injury. We’ll evaluate factors to reduce the risks involved in an individual’s work area.

Manual handling

We provide training on safe manual handling, to minimise risk from injury when it comes to physical and manual work.

Workplace training programs

We offer tailored workplace training programs, specific to your needs. Training can be focused on helping your employees be safer at work, and mitigating any risk to health and safety in the workplace.

Pre-employment services

Our pre-employment services evaluate a potential employee against the known parameters of the role they’re applying for. This service assists recruiters by identifying the applicant’s physical suitability for a role.


At ARMS, we can provide professional medicolegal reports across a range of cases or claims, including: Medical and professional negligence, public liability, workers compensation and compulsory third party insurers.


iCare is the NSW work health and safety regulatory body. Our iCare case managers can provide treatment and assessments as required.

Occupational Therapy assessments

Our occupational therapists conduct assessments looking at a client’s individual needs, and the reasons why certain activities might be challenging – for example looking at strength, movement, memory and concentration.

Workplace assessments

Our experienced Occupational Therapists can carry out workplace assessments at a place of work, looking at the requirements of both the worker and the employer.

Vocational assessments and job keeping assistance

Vocational assessments are an opportunity to help assess the abilities of clients who are not working, but have the capacity to work, and also for clients who are returning to work but need to explore alternative duties with the same employer.

FIM assessments

We are accredited to conduct Functional Independence Measure (FIM) assessments, to determine the functional ability of a client, and the severity of disability. Functional ability changes during rehabilitation and ongoing FIM assessments will monitor this.

Driving assessments

Our driving assessments take place both off and on road, looking at the ability a client has to drive, and to determine the need for any specific modifications to help them to safely drive a car.

Case management

We offer complex case management services, to help with discharge planning and care coordination following an accident or injury.

ADL assessments

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments are conducted by our Occupational Therapists, to assess a client’s current functionality at home in terms of their personal care and domestic activities.

Development of Recover at Work plans

A Recover at Work plan details the suitable work details identified as part of an employee’s work capacity. It’s one of the services we offer as a NSW WorkCover accredited provider.

Initial assessment

An initial assessment will look at your capabilities, and assess your physical ability as it was before your injury, and as it stands now. This will then inform plans for treatment and return to work.

Return to work new employer

Returning to work with a new employer means understanding the training requirements and specific needs of your potential new role. We’ll also look at job suitability, and each individual’s work capacity.

Return to work same employer

Getting back to work safely benefits everyone. We’ll assess risks and barriers, and put a plan into place with the aim of working back up to full capacity. We’ll assess risks and barriers, and put into place a plan with the aim of working back up to full capacity.

Labour market analysis

Our experienced team can conduct labour market analysis, looking at current vacancies in the open labour market, current salaries/wages, industry employment trends and qualifications required for roles.

Vocational assessment and counselling

Our rehabilitation counsellors can conduct vocational assessments and counselling, to look at the suitable vocational options for employees.

Functional assessment

Functional assessments are an objective measure of an individual’s ability to perform work-specific functional tasks, or daily living tasks at home. They’re a valuable tool in determining an individual’s physical capacity and level of independence.

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Advanced Rehabilitaton Management Service

Advanced Rehabilitation Management Services was established in Griffith in 2001, and we’ve been providing our expert services to the Riverina region ever since.

We’re proud to have built a reputation for quality and reliability, and to have established strong relationships with our network of clients across the region.